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Villa Vanilla has recently added a small wellness studio to their repertoire, offering several different kinds of massage and body treatments. You can choose from an exotic Bali massage, a classic relaxation massage, and a hot lava stone massage or - in case you prefer something cool in the hot tropical climate - a chilled granite rock massage. You can also choose a treatment for your body and mind and explore the secrets of Africa, Brazil, and the Orient. Our studio exclusively uses luxury cosmetics by Babor. We are convinced that these services will further enhance your stay at Villa Vanilla! Detailed information about the wellness studio can be found in your room.

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Have you decided to get married? Why not celebrate your wedding in a romantic setting on the beach in the tropical paradise of Seychelles? We will organize your wedding, make sure your expectations are met, take care of all formalities, the decorations, the wedding bouquet, the cake, etc. In collaboration with the Ephelia Constance resort, we are able to offer wedding ceremonies not far from our guesthouse on the beach of Port Launey. Please contact us for further information.

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Get to know these marvelous tropical islands as well as a modern Arabic metropolis in one eight-day trip. In collaboration with the Sinimar travel agency, we have developed a unique package, which allows you to visit two destinations for the price of a single airfare. The package includes accommodation in a 5-star hotel in Dubai, a desert safari, a boat trip and a ride to the top of the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, in Seychelles. Also included is accommodation at Villa Vanilla on a half-board basis, a trip to the islands of LaDigue and Praslin, and a car rental. And there's more. For additional information, go to

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Villa Vanilla now has a suite for four to five people on the first floor of the guesthouse. This additional accommodation option means a better choice for larger groups of guests or families with children. The suite is located on the first floor of the building and thus, the view is "limited" to the surrounding natural beauty. However the price is unbeatable: EUR250 for four people per night, including half-board. The suite features the same amenities as all of the other rooms, as well as a large patio and a kitchenette.

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Villa Vanilla has entered into a new partnership with a charter company offering luxury yachts for rent. We can thus help you have a unique boating experience during your stay

You can rent a boat for a couple of hours, go on a day trip, or stay on the boat for several days. An experienced crew will take you to places of incredible natural beauty, some of which can only be reached by boat. Our partner company´s fleet includes prime yachts of the Ferretti Group brand and a smaller boat for daily trips, the Chris Craft.

Take a look at the current boats we offer, and do not hesitate to contact us in case you would like to book a rental. We will prepare a complete service package for you, starting with accommodations at Villa Vanilla and ending with your chosen yacht arriving in a nearby bay called Port Launey. You can also board the yacht directly in the harbor of Eden Marina, where the company is located.


Welcome to the website of Villa Vanilla, our guesthouse in Seychelles.



  Villa Vanilla is a family guesthouse that was built by us in 2008 after years of visiting this stunning corner of the world. The architecture of Villa Vanilla differs greatly from the design of other hotels and creates a truly special place, an oasis of peace and tranquillity.



  Seychelles is a tropical paradise situated in the Indian Ocean, just four degrees south of the Equator.

  Thanks to the tropical climate, the islands are lush and green with a wide variety of flourishing plants. It’s not uncommon to find yourself completely alone on one of the stunning white sand beaches surrounded by turquoise sea. Daytime temperatures usually reach about 30 degrees Celsius.



  You can enrich your stay at Villa Vanilla with a wide variety of activities that will make your holiday in Seychelles an experience to remember. There’s something here for everyone: 

  Excursions. Take a trip from Mahé to explore other islands such as Praslin, La Digue or Bird Island. 

  Diving in the Seychelles is unbelievably beautiful. For many divers, Seychelles is considered one of the top diving destinations in the world.


Photo Gallery

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  Rooms differ only in their position within the Villa ‒ all six rooms are furnished identically and offer the same level of comfort.



  Have a question? Contact us. Our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

Phone: +248 2 585 026
CZ Phone: +420 602 280 870
Port Glaud, Mahe, Seychelles

Villa Vanilla has entered into a new partnership with a charter company offering luxury yachts for rent. We can thus help you have a unique boating experience during your stay

You can rent a boat for a couple of hours, go on a day trip, or stay on the boat for several days. An experienced crew will take you to places of incredible natural beauty, some of which can only be reached by boat. Our partner company´s fleet includes prime yachts of the Ferretti Group brand and a smaller boat for daily trips, the Chris Craft.

Take a look at the current boats we offer, and do not hesitate to contact us in case you would like to book a rental. We will prepare a complete service package for you, starting with accommodations at Villa Vanilla and ending with your chosen yacht arriving in a nearby bay called Port Launey. You can also board the yacht directly in the harbor of Eden Marina, where the company is located.

See the offer of boats and prices!

You can choose from our different rooms. All prices are nightly rates for a two-bed room. In addition, our guests can book meals on a half- board basis. All prices are final; there are no hidden fees, which means no unpleasant surprises. We also provide special offers for larger groups. If you are interested in these special group rates, please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to give you a significant discount on your stay.


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   The location was chosen with special regard for its quiet and natural surroundings. The Villa is located 150m as the crow flies from the ocean, but thanks to its location, it offers an undisturbed stay on the edge of a national park with amazing views of the nature all around. Although the Villa is not directly next to the ocean, it is only a short way from one of Maher’s best beaches, Port Launay. One should also consider that Mahé is very rugged and its most beautiful beaches and locations are located relatively far from each other. The best way to get around is by renting a car or using local public transportation.  

„...six luxuriously furnished double rooms...“ 


Villa Vanilla

  Villa Vanilla offers six luxuriously furnished double rooms (extra beds available). All rooms are fitted out, equipped with Indonesian furniture, each with an en-suite bathroom (with toilet) and a large balcony. Each room also features air conditioning, TV/DVD/FM, a safe and a minibar. Internet access is also available, but is currently limited for technical/organisational reasons. In addition, we don’t believe in star ratings – we feel that those ratings are generally misleading – we believe that the photographs and detailed descriptions speak for themselves.

Ubytování Ubytování Ubytování

Leisure time

    Your leisure time can be spent in the open-air pavilion furnished in African style, adjacent to the pool set into the surrounding lush greenery. Here you can spend the day relaxing on a lounge chair under an umbrella. Nearby is a bar open all day long, and a number of nooks with comfortable seating for reading or sipping your favourite drink.

Ubytování Ubytování


    Breakfast and dinner are also served in the pavilion. All meals are prepared in our professional kitchen by our Seychellois chef, Cédric. Every evening he personally serves traditional Creole cuisine, but he can also prepare more European-style food. Cédric comes from a large family – in fact, his sisters run Villa Vanilla’s bar. The bar is stocked with all beverages available on the island, as well as your European favourites. You can of course order a local beer or non-alcoholic beverage. We also offer an extensive selection of wines. If you should choose to stay at the Villa instead of going out and about to explore the beauty of Mahé, you can even order lunch. 

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  The Seychelles islands are generally divided into the Outer Islands and the Inner Islands. The Inner Islands are formed primarily of granite and the majority of the Outer Islands are atolls (coral islands). All the islands lie between 4 and 10 degrees south latitude, about 1500 kilometres off the eastern coast of Africa and 9000 kilometres as the crow flies from Europe.   
  As the name implies, the Seychelles are an archipelago made up of 115 islands and atolls, only a fraction of which are inhabited. There are 43 Inner Islands, of which two are coral in origin and the rest granite, and all are located relatively close together. There are 72 Outer Islands, the majority of which are low-lying coral atolls scattered over an area measuring 250 by 1150 kilometres. From this perspective, Seychelles covers a fairly large area – about the same as France. 

Seychelly Seychelly Seychelly

Inner Islands

  The main island of the Seychelles is Mahé, where the capital city, Victoria, is located, as well as the international airport, the harbour and Villa Vanilla. It’s the largest and most populated island – a third of the total population of the country lives here. Within sight of Mahé lie the islands of Praslin and La Digue, the only other two islands of any significance when it comes to size and population. We’ll just quickly mention the other islands in this group. Islands on which you can stay overnight include: Bird Island, Cerf, Chauve Souris, Cousine, Denis Island, Frégate, North Island, Round Island (Praslin), Silhouette and Ste. Anne. And then those on which there are no accommodation options: Anonyme, Aride, Conception, Cousin, Curieuse, Félicité, Grande Soeur, Ile Cocos, Long Island, Moyenne, Petite Soeur, Round Island and St. Pierre.

Seychelly Seychelly Seychelly

Outer Islands

  The Outer Islands are located south of the Inner Islands, in the direction of Madagascar. Only two of the islands have accommodation options. These are lands that for centuries were visited only very infrequently, creating the ideal conditions for the creation of microworlds that have become home to many diverse species of flora and fauna. These islands have been able to evolve in virtual isolation from man, and it is the wish of many that this can continue for as long as possible. The Outer Islands are further divided into the following five groups, of which we’ll list only the most well known islands. They are: the Aldabra Group – Aldabra Atoll, Assumption, Astove and Cosmoledo Atoll; the Amirantes Group – African Banks, D'Arros, Desroches, Poivre Atoll, Remire and St. Joseph Atoll; the Southern Coral Group – Coëtivy and Platte; the Alphonse Group – Alphonse, Bijoutier, St François; and the Farquhar Group – Farquhar Atoll and Providence Atoll.  

  Out of interest, the first island we mentioned, the legendary Aldabra Atoll, was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. It is home to the largest colony of giant tortoises in the world (150,000 tortoises). The second world heritage site in Seychelles is the Vallée de Mai National Park on the island of Praslin. In this park, covering just a few square kilometres, over 6000 ancient palms grow, including 6 species found nowhere else in the world! One of them, the Coco de Mer palm, produces the largest seed in the world. Perhaps you guessed that the nut of this tree is special – it resembles a woman’s bottom both in size and shape. The Coco de Mer is a symbol of Seychelles.

Immigration Issues:

  EU citizens are granted visas upon arrival at the international airport in Victoria for a maximum of 30 days. The visa is free of charge and is granted for a period of time equal to that indicated on your airline ticket. You must present confirmation of accommodation and a valid return airline ticket. Visas can be extended at the immigration office. There are no departure fees. You will find, among others, the British High Commission and an honorary U.S. consulate on Mahé.

History :

  The original inhabitants of Seychelles were turtles and birds. The first people arrived around 1770. Sailors, pirates and slave traders used the islands as a stopover during their voyages across the Indian Ocean. Along with these people, Indians and Africans also reached the islands, and they formed the basis of today’s Seychellois nation. In those days, the territory belonged to France, and the population reached 3,500. In 1814, France was forced to turn the islands over to Great Britain as part of reparation payments following the Napoleonic wars. Under British rule, the population grew to 7000 by 1843. In the years that followed, the first foundations for the later emergence of the state were laid; farms were established to grow crops, etc. The capital city Victoria was also established. The country’s prosperity peaked in 1862 when slavery was abolished. The Republic of Seychelles as we know it today emerged when it gained its independence from the United Kingdom in 1976.

Seychelly Seychelly Seychelly


  The climate, thanks to a favourable geographic position, is always warm, without extremes. Throughout the year, the temperature rarely falls below 27 degrees (even at night) or rises above 32 degrees Celsius. From July to September, winds are strong enough for sailing, and the occasional rain shower pops up. The islands are tropical, so the relative humidity is hardly ever below 80%. Seychelles is located close to the Equator, and is therefore not subject to cyclones, typhoons or tornados. Seychelles lies on stable bedrock, which makes it virtually free of destructive earthquakes. Truth is that the occasional tsunami wave reaches here from faraway epicentres. However, for example, after the destructive tsunami in and around Indonesia in 2004, waves that reached Seychelles caused no significant damage.


  Seychelles is generally considered to be very safe. There are no ethnic or religious conflicts. It is forbidden to carry a weapon (this law does not apply to state security forces). The incidence of petty crime in the form of theft is no higher than in Europe, and in comparison with the Caribbean, for example, it’s negligible. The government and the police make every effort to keep crime rates as low as possible – solving crime problems is in their best interest. Despite this, you shouldn’t leave your personal possessions unattended – basic precautions are always advisable.


  Seychelles is free of tropical diseases, including malaria and similar illnesses. Stomach and intestinal problems are rare. No poisonous animals live on the islands. Sea urchins are found mainly in deeper water and are almost never found around the coast. Health centres are located on the main islands, and there is a large hospital in Victoria, Mahé, where there is also a barometric chamber. Beaches, where dangerous currents are found, are well marked. You can be assured of finding beaches year-round where waves are minimal and where there are no dangerous currents. During low tide, the ocean never recedes so far as to make swimming impossible, and there are even places where tides are almost unnoticeable.


  The currency is the Seychellois rupee. It is easily convertible from dollars or euros in banks, money exchange offices, and hotels. Bankcards are widely accepted, but not everywhere, and it’s always a good idea to keep some cash on hand.

Time Zone:

  Seychelles is three hours ahead of mainland Europe during Central European Standard Time, and two hours during Central European Summer Time. On Mahé, night and day are virtually equal in length. The sun rises regularly at 6am and sets 12 hours later.

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  As we have already mentioned, our goal is to offer, at least for the majority of travellers, an atypical holiday that is quite different to your usual stay at a hotel resort complex. Our goal is to provide you with a completely unique holiday experience with a personal touch. Thanks to our years of experience in Seychelles, we can help you plan your vacation according to your own personal wishes and desires. Feel free to take advantage of our experience – we’ll gladly arrange activities that are out of the ordinary, full of adventure. And for those who want to organise everything on their own, we’re also here to help if needed.

  Before we set out the various activities you can experience in Seychelles, we should first explain how things work. Everything of course depends on your financial resources; nevertheless, we highly recommend taking a trip to one of the other islands – every island is different, and your visit to Seychelles will take on a new dimension. Everything we offer can be pre-booked in the Reservations section and the smallest details worked out in advance. Prices listed are approximate, but the actual price won’t differ greatly from the quoted price – it just depends on whether or not it’s high season. If you keep in touch with us before your arrival, we’ll let you know exactly how much your planned activities will cost.

Seychelly Aktivity Seychelly potápění Seychelly Cestování


a) Trip to Praslin. You can reach the second largest island of Seychelles by air (15 min) or by boat (60 min) from Mahé. Here you can, above all, visit the Vallée de Mai National Park, home to the Coco de Mer palm with its unusual coconuts. 

b) Trip to La Digue. This island is quite different from Praslin and Mahé. We recommend that you take a boat from Praslin to get there (20 min). Here you’ll find the most beautiful beaches in Seychelles, if not the world. The island is so small that there is virtually no automobile traffic. Here one gets around by bike or by oxcart, which you can rent right at the dock. There’s also an old pirate graveyard with its unmistakable atmosphere.

c) We personally think the ideal trip is to combine an excursion to Praslin with one to La Digue. You can take the boat or plane in the morning from Mahé and spend the day on Praslin. In the afternoon, take the boat to La Digue where you can spend one or more nights. Sleeping on La Digue is a real experience – we highly recommend it.  

d) In addition, we can offer a very easy trip to Bird Island. This tiny island can only be reached by air (35 min). Upon arrival, an extraordinary experience awaits you – the feeling of being completely and utterly cut off from the outside world. The island measures a mere 10 square kilometres, and there are just over 20 guest bungalows there. You can see remarkable bird colonies, giant tortoises, and, if you’re lucky, sea turtles laying their eggs on the beach. National park employees are responsible for marking the locations of the egg clutches and ensuring the hatchings take place safely.
  We can arrange excursions to any of the Inner Islands at any time during your holiday. Excursions to the Outer Islands, however, must be arranged in advance.

Seychelly Aktivity Seychelly potápění Seychelly Cestování


  It’s absolutely no problem to arrange catamaran charters for multi-day sailings between islands. Various types of catamarans are easily available to rent, even without crew, but it requires the appropriate sailing licence and insurance for this type of craft. These rentals must be arranged and paid for through one of their offices in Europe or through their web interface. If this isn’t an option for you, you can also charter a boat with a professional crew. This is an interesting, adventurous, and very carefree way to see as much as possible of Seychelles in a relatively short period of time.


  We’d love to help you organise your wedding in our quiet paradise or on the beach, including all the official formalities. The marriage will be legally binding even in your home country. Please let us know if you’ve always dreamed of getting married in a tropical paradise.


  Another great way to spend time on the water is fishing. Boats can be chartered for both big game fishing (trolling) and bottom fishing with local fishermen.

Seychelly Aktivity Seychelly potápění Seychelly Cestování


  With regards to diving, we can arrange any level of PADI qualification from a discovery dive for absolute beginners (DSD - discover scuba diver) under the guidance of an experienced PADI instructor, all the way up to Dive Master courses. We can also arrange a series of dives for licensed divers, who travelled to Seychelles just to go diving. We should mention that at certain times of the year, whale sharks migrate through Seychellois waters – a milestone for every diver. The underwater world in Seychelles is unusual in that it features large fish and mammals, making it an entirely different experience from places like Egypt’s “garden” of coral reefs and fish. Diving is without doubt one of the top activities in Seychelles.


  The very least we can do for you is a one-day excursion to Thérèse Island, a deserted island which you can see from Villa Vanilla. You’ll spend an extremely pleasant, laid-back day, during which we take you to the island and leave you to lounge on its gorgeous beach. While you relax, we’ll grill up some fresh fish for lunch. In the meantime you can also go snorkelling – yet another great pastime in Seychelles.

Seychelly Aktivity Seychelly potápění Seychelly Cestování


  It’s easy to grab a diver’s mask, a snorkel and fins at Villa Vanilla and hit the water at some of our recommended spots to take in some of the Seychelles’ rich underwater life. It’s not uncommon to meet sea turtles while snorkelling, and if you’re lucky, you’ll also come across barracudas, eagle rays, stingrays, giant mantas, and even whale sharks.


  On the island of Praslin you’ll find Lémuria golf course, a stunning 18-hole course, widely considered to be one of the 100 most beautiful golf courses in the world. The highlight of the course is the famous 15th hole with its 151-metre drop to the green. The holes are played amongst palm trees with stunning views of the Indian Ocean. The best way to play there is to organise a day trip by plane (15 min) from Mahé. Ladies are of course also welcome, and if you don’t play golf, you can check out the gorgeous local beaches. The airport on Praslin is right next to the golf course, so the course is easily accessible. Many people come to Seychelles just to play golf.
  Mahé also has a golf course – it’s got only 9 holes, but it offers two possible routes through the course, making it an 18-hole course.


  There are a number of tennis courts at your disposal in Victoria, the capital city of Seychelles, with a personal trainer upon request. Tim Horpinitch, for example, who originally comes from Australia, is now the number one tennis player in Seychelles and offers tennis lessons for old and young.

Trekking, excursions around the island

  On Mahé there are plenty of opportunities for excursions in nature. Native guides will lead you through the jungle, winding up at an amazing view of the entire west coast of the island. Or we can arrange an all-day trek across the mountains from the west to the east coast, where we’ll pick you up and bring you back.
  Of course you’ll also want to travel around the island to some of our recommended destinations, including isolated beaches with sugar white sand, an azure sea and palm trees.


  If we’ve succeeded in touching your senses, showing you that you can experience an amazing adventure in places that are truly and uniquely beautiful, where you can relax and free your mind from the mundane European world, if you have feeling that you’re finally ready to try something different to the usual holidays, we’re thrilled and look forward to making it all possible for you. The staff of Villa Vanilla look forward to helping you make your holiday dreams come true. They speak English, Czech or French.
  Before you leave, you’ll certainly have a number of important questions. We’ve put together a section on Seychelles, where you’re sure to find the answers to any questions you might have.

Copyright, 2020, Villa Vanilla

Copyright, 2020, Villa Vanilla

Some rooms, however, have better views of the natural surroundings than others. Therefore we decided to charge different rates for some rooms in the interest of fairness. However, all of the rooms are very luxurious, and no matter which room you choose, you’ll always get the same great service. Rooms 1 ‒ 3 are on the top floor of the Villa; room 2 is slightly smaller than the other two. 
Rooms 4 ‒ 6 are on the lower floor of the Villa, room 5 is slightly smaller than the other two.
Half-board includes breakfast and dinner, buffet-style.  An extra bed/cot for children up to age 3 is complimentary. 

3.1. - 21.12.
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extra bed
1.1. - 31.12.
  bed and breakfast bed and breakfast bed and breakfast
room 1 - deluxe 220 280 20
room 2 - superior 215 275 20
room 3 - deluxe 220 280 20
room 4 - deluxe standard 210 270 20
room 5 - superior standard 205 265 20
room 6 - deluxe standard 210 270 20
room 7 - two bedroom appartement 350 430 30

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